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Diversity is truly lacking in the North American film and television industry. It’s lacking in ethnicity, gender, and identity. Studios and networks today are mainly developing Caucasian male dominant stories. This is a major problem. It’s a major problem because the world isn’t just blue. It’s also red, yellow, and green, consisting of many different beautiful people. People all around the world are yearning to see themselves on screen. They want to be able to relate, feel, and cherish. When studios and networks do decide to implement diversity, 1) they just develop historical projects such as black slavery, 2) If the project isn't historical, they just sprinkle one or two diverse characters and call it a day. These characters are never in the forefront by the way, only on the sidelines, and in most cases, stereotypical. Yes, things are slowly starting to shift within the film and television industry, showcasing colorful and dynamic characters and stories. That being said, it’s still not enough. The root of the problem is the writers, casting directors, and more importantly, the executives in charge. This is due to discrimination. North America is hungry for diversity and wants to see itself portrayed correctly. The system needs to change and the change starts at AC Activation.


- Andre Colquhoun

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